Virtual Intelligent Assistants

We are dedicated to create virtual assistants using Artificial Intelligence, machine and deep learning

Artificial intelligence (AI)

By automating rough and repetitive tasks, Our Virtual Assistant technology can save you up to 80% of the HR costs

Go Faster

By using our Virtual Assitant to do repetitive task, you will go faster and relocate your resource where it really counts.

Better and better!

Our virtual Assistant are based on machine learning, the more they work for you, the better they became!

Easy integration using block chain

Our Virtual Assistant can easily be integrated with your existing software. We are using block chain AIC tokens to democratize AI.


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We are about to change Workforce future!

Revolutionizing the Workforce with AI Virtual Assistants

We are creating Virtual Assistant, that are fast, reliable, always available, they can work 24/7. They keep learning all the time. We can create a custom Virtual Assistant for your particular needs. 

All departments will have better tools, thanks to our Virtual Assistant that are using artificel intelligence (AI) to help them make decisions. 

About VHrtech

VHrtech is dedicated to create your next Virtual Assistant. VHrtech is an international startup company with its R&D based in Montreal. The founder is an experienced HR and IT specialist. We are currently looking for resources. All kind of resources!