Is your business ready for artificial intelligence(AI)?

A.I. Readiness Approach

To implement A.I. successfully in your business, it is a good advice to first assess the A.I. readiness of your company and business

A.I. Readiness Check-up

The following main points have been identified as being crucial key points on the A.I. road to success.

. Big picture on a potential
. Verify available data
. Staff and liabilities
. Processes and dependencies
. Evaluate ROI estimations

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Let's us do an audit of your AI readiness

The results of the A.I. readiness check summarizes the following points:

... Readiness Report
... Proposed Tasks for Proof of concept(POC)
... Identified Steak-holders
... Responsibilities and staff
... POC time-table, data for a POC
... Expected POC results

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