Nadia - Recuiter Assistant - In training

Our Virtual assistant is going to do your resume sourcing and learn the particularity of your business

Artificial intelligence (AI)

By automating rough and repetitive tasks, Our AI technology can save you up to 40% of the HR costs

Hire better

The AI profiles pre- qualification function analyzes hundreds of CVs you receive by its relevance based on your job posting

Reorganizer sooner

Our AI system could predict employees turnover, then help you to reorganize smartly your company.

Promote better

Based on machine learning, our system identifies what makes a job promotion successful, then suggests you relevant insights to make it better

We are about to change HR future!

Revolutionizing HR

For a long time now, HR has enjoyed a relatively unchallenged position. It makes sense, of course: if you have questions about or issues regarding hiring, firing, employee engagement, or retention, who else would you go to but HR?

But things are beginning to change: All departments will have better tools, thanks to algorithms that can use artificel intelligence (AI) to help them make decisions — knowledge that were once HR expertise will be accessible to all.

About VHrtech

VHrtech is dedicated to create your next Virtual Assistant. VHrtech is an international startup company with its R&D based in Montreal. The founder is an experienced HR and IT specialist. We are currently looking for resources. All kind of resources!